Cold Remedies

We have all been through it. An awful cold, a punishing headache, and a nose that continues to run on and on. These are the building blocks of a cold, and they stall life considerably and make it harder to be productive or do anything of any worth.

So it comes as little surprise that people have explored both common remedies as well as uncommon ones to suave the growing frustrations of a cold. Due to how common it is, we have found many low budget and home remedies that work wonderfully. Some of them you may be very aware of, and others may be completely new.

Tips to Relax a Cold

  1. Inhale Steam
    How much does steam cost? The answer is just about nothing, and it has become a useful tool in alleviating a cold. Carefully hold your head over some boiling water. Breath through your nose slowly and patiently, and absord the coming steam. You may notice you feel calmer and a bit relieved. It is the moisture from the steam that will be brought into your nasal passages. It will moisten the mucus and leave it less of a concern.
  1. 8 to 10 Glasses of Water
    Water is one of the most well known ways to alleviate a cough, but people think it is just too simple a trick. 8 to 10 glasses of water will not only do wonders for your cold but for your body in general. It keeps the throat moist, breaks up congestion, and fuels the body and cells to battle the cold. It will be your greatest tool as a cold remedy.
  1. Nasal Sprays
    Nasal sprays are often overlooked, and it is not hard to understand why. The idea of sticking a small probe in the nose is a bit alarming. But you can make cold remedies at home that follow the same principles as an over the counter nasal spray. For example, salt water nasal sprays are simply salt and water combined with a few other items. Salt water rinse at home. Allow the salt to dissolve into the water for a few minutes, and drop a couple small beads down the nose. The salt will dissolve mucus buildup.

On another note, do not continue sniffling mucus back into the head and nasal passages. Blow your nose to keep the mucus flowing where it will hopefully deter over time.

Natural Cold Remedies That Work Every Time

Warm water is an invaluable tool in relieving a cold, and it should never be ignored. But it can get a bit boring. This is why many people mix it up with warm or hot liquids of many types. One of the most popular is soup. Studies suggest that chicken soup is perhaps the best choice out of all hot liquids aside from regular warm water.

Lemon tea is an extremely useful tool, and it has a wonderful taste. You can also mix tea up with other flavors, such as coconut oil or ginger. It goes back to the idea of warm liquids.

But what about things that are not derivatives of the same basic idea? You can try a full sinus rinse, but it can be a bit costly, and it works stronger than simply using a home nasal salt water rinse.

Others have found success with Oscillococcinum. It contains a number of small tubes which dissolve in the mouth. They are essentially sugar pills, and they are more effective for colds that are closer to fevers and accompanied by chills. The idea of a sugar pill may be obnoxious, but patients across the globe proclaim its effectiveness.

How About What Doesn’t Work?

Firstly, most remedies have success in some cases and yet are unsuccessful in others. It is simply a part of the medical community, and even the most acknowledge natural cold remedies are not full proof. With that said, other source’s successes have been exaggerated.

Fortunately, many people are becoming aware of the overall lack of effectiveness in antibiotics. They work on bacteria and not cold viruses. Antibiotics may actually make the cold worse, let alone the fact that it is helping bacteria build a resistance.

Zinc has been widely used to alleviate cold concerns, but the practically of it is sporadic at best. Zinc shows the most value if taken within 24 hours of obtaining a cold. Unfortunately, this is not a cold remedy at all. It is a preemptive cold remedy, and once the cold has hit is middle and later stages, zinc is generally worthless. It has even led to permanent loss of smell, certainly not a wise exchange.

Cold remedies are widely understood because of the wide proliferation of colds. But perhaps the wisest decision is setting some easy at home remedies. Sometimes, the simplest answer is the best.

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