Green Tea – Are all its claimed benefits true?

For a decent amount of time, now, green tea has been promoted as one of, if not the, best natural drink out there for health-conscious people.  Green tea certainly does have an extensive list of benefits, which we will peruse through shortly; however, it is important to consider that only certain types of green tea will be useful.  First, the green tea that one finds in a massive bottle with Lipton sketched on its front probably isn’t worth it.  Why?  Well, green tea that is mixed with massive amounts of sugar and byproducts simply loses its health value.  However, if a person makes their own green tea with water and packets, it is more likely to be what they are looking for in terms of health value.  Also, the more expensive the tea packets are, the more purified, less preserved, and overall better it is going to be for a person.

The Amazing Benefits

So, what are some of these “life-changing” benefits of green tea?  Well, here we have put together just a few of the ways that the product can effectively improve one’s life:

  • There is extremely significant evidence showing that green tea can highly increase the level at which one’s brain operates by directly affecting the neurotransmitters present in the brain.
  • The level of caffeine present in green tea is far less than that of the average Joe cup of coffee, but it gives nearly an equal amount of energy.  On top of that, the energy provided by green tea is less of an immediate dosage and more of a long-lasting energy, making it the far better choice than coffee.
  • It has been shown through research, at least partially, that green tea may help a person to lose weight more quickly if they are drinking it on a consistent basis.  Some studies have shown that green tea can increase the rate at which the body passively, and actively works, thereby effectively increasing the amount of extra fat that it has to burn through for energy.  These results have not shown up in every experiment conducted, but they have shown up enough to make it a worthwhile exploit for an overweight person to consider trying.
  • There is some evidence that points to green tea being able to reduce cholesterol levels in a person, thereby effectively lessening one’s risk of heart problems.  However, it is also possible that those who begin to drink green tea to make better health choices with what they drink are also taking other measures in their lives to improve themselves, some of which may be already effecting their cholesterol levels.
  • On top of everything already listed above, there is some proof, which leads scientists to believe, that green tea actually has good properties for boosting the immune system.  Green tea has, to some degree, antibacterial agents inside of it.  So, when a person drinks green tea, it can have a very positive effect on their oral health, and from there onward, their whole body.

Regardless of where the proof stands in one manner or another, there is absolutely no reason why a person should not make green tea a central point of their “drinking” appetites.  After all, it can have plenty of positive effects on them that are already, without a doubt, proven to be true.  But beyond that, it is simply a good tasting drink.  And for those health junkies that are getting sick of drinking water all of the time, green tea could be their perfect substitute when they need to drink something else.

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