VI Peel

VI Peel (Vitality Institute Peel) is a chemical peel used to rejuvenate skin and treat skin conditions like acne, sunspots, and hyper-pigmentation. Unlike other chemical peels that traditionally do not work on darker skin tones, VI Peel promises be effective on all skin. In some cases, VI Peel has also helped prevent cancer by removing pre-cancerous cells. VI Peel can be used on patients as young as twelve years old. It treats skin in the facial area, chest, arms, and back.

The Treatment Process

Because VI Peel is a combination of some of the strongest chemical peels, it not an at home treatment. It can only be administered by a licensed healthcare professional. Like other chemical peels, VI Peel works by removing the top layer of skin while simultaneously increasing the production of collagen, something that helps to strengthen and keep skin firm.

The treatment process lasts approximately one week. During the application itself, which takes less than 30 minutes, a healthcare professional applies the peel directly to the skin. The patient waits another four to five hours before washing the peel off. After two to three days, the patient’s skin begins to peel heavily. The peeling process should stop after day seven, although it may continue for an additional week. During the first week after application, the patient is likely to experience strong, sunburn-like pains.

During the first five hours of the treatment process the patient should avoid any kind of activity and exercise that might wash the chemicals off. During the rest of the treatment process, the patient should avoid both extensive exposure to the sun, and the use of exfoliating facial products. Otherwise, the patient can go about his/her daily schedules.

VI Peel should not be used on people that are allergic to aspirin, or who have cold sores, open wounds, sunburns, very sensitive skin, dermatitis, or inflammatory rosacea. It should not be used when pregnant or breastfeeding, and cannot be used if the patient is allergic to aspirin.


VI Peel is a combination of some of the strongest-grade chemical peels. It includes:

– TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid), a relative to vinegar, is a strong, non-toxic chemical peel used to treat scars and encourage collagen production.
– Retinoic Acid is used to unclog pores and treat acne and wrinkles.
– Salicylic Acid helps treat acne and other skin conditions by unclogging pores, and removing unhealthy skin layers.
– Phenol – is one of the strongest and potentially most dangerous acids used in peeling processes and helps the peel penetrate into the skin.
– Vitamin C helps collagen production, and combats wrinkles.

Side Effects and Other Considerations

The VI Peel itself is not FDA-approved, however it has successfully passed a safety study run by International Research Services, Inc., a company that runs clinical trials at the request of pharmaceutical companies. Potential side effects include:

– Redness of skin
– Skin irritation and burning
– Skin discoloration
– Permanent sensitivity to the sun
– Swelling
– Skin infections or scarring

Important to note is that the International Agency on Cancer Research thinks that TCA, one of the ingredients of the peel, should be classified as a human carcinogen.

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